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Prescription Swimming Goggles Ireland

Choose Buy New Specs' best selling range of prescription swimming goggles Ireland

Saeko Adult Prescription Swimming Goggles


Saeko's single vision prescription swimming goggles are our high quality single prescription goggles solution.
Saeko Junior Prescription Swimming Goggles


High quality Childrens prescription swimming goggles. These swimming goggles feature high quality materials and are built to last.
Saeko Racing Prescription Swimming Goggles


These are high quality Prescription Swimming Goggles, are available in Black only. Lenses are made of 100% UV resistant polycarbonate.
Prescription Swimming Goggles for Kids


These are high quality Prescription Swimming Goggles for kids, comes in two colours and shock polycarbonate.

Available Colours

Prescription Swimming Goggles Ireland

We all need to protect our eyes when going to the swimming pool. Whether you are planning on doing some lengths or just playing with your kids in the shallow end, a pair of goggles is necessary to keep the chlorine out of your eyes. If you don’t wear a pair, your eyes will get irritated and sting, and this unpleasant sensation will stay with you even after you’ve left the pool. A pair of goggles is essential if you are planning on swimming some lengths as the action of doing a swimming stroke will expose you to a lot of water. If you are just hanging out with your kids in the shallow end, the risk to your eyes is lower but you and them should still wear goggles, for the same reason. If you want to avoid irritation, protect your eyes all times. We offer prescription goggles for both kids and adults and we deliver across Ireland. Our Saeko prescription goggles come ready to wear, with an adjustable headband and nose bridge. The lens has 100% UV polycarbonate protection as well as anti-fog coating for swimming at sea and the goggles come in a hard carry case. Our Saeko prescription racing goggles have a low-profile lens that reduces drag without compromising vision, a double head strap for extra secure fit and a quick fit buckle system. Our prescription swimming goggles are also suitable for swimming in the sea. Check out our Optivision prescription goggles. Designed for kids, these goggles are salt-water resistant, shock resistant and UV resistant. They also have an anti- fog coating and are hypoallergenic.

Ordering Prescription Swimming Goggles

Ordering your prescription goggles is fast and easy, and we deliver across Ireland. Simply choose a prescription from our menu that is close to your normal glasses’ prescription and checkout. If you are unsure about what goggles to go for, get in contact and we’ll advise you. Remember, we are a well- established and trustworthy optician’s so you can be confident that you are getting professional, transparent advice. Swimming or playing in water, be it in a pool or at the beach, is healthy and a lot of fun, and you always feel great after it, a long as you wear your goggles. Don’t spoil you good time by irritating your eyes or exposing them to harmful UV rays. Always wear goggles. If you need a pair of prescription goggles, and you are living in Ireland, we can help you. Get goggles for you and your kids by shopping here now.