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Prescription Cycling Glasses

Leader Flash Prescription Cycling Glasses


Glazable prescription cycling glasses. Kit includes 2 wrap visors

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Prescription Cycling Glasses

Whether you are seriously into cycling or you do it just to keep fit or as a past time, you should consider getting a pair of cycling glasses, if you don’t already own a pair. Prescription cycling glasses will protect your eyes from the sun and the wind as well as flies and other insects. It’s important to keep your vision clear if you are cycling as the roads can be dangerous. You need to see what’s ahead of you and what’s left and right, if you are going to cycle safely. Our Leader Flash prescription cycling glasses provide UV-A and UV-B protection and have a multi-function flip up clip. They also have adjustable silicone nose pads and temple ends and come with a delux case and micro fibre bag. You have a choice of colour, frame size and, of course, prescription lens. These glasses will protect you from the elements and keep your vision clear, so that you are safe from the risk posed by passing vehicles. It would be great to have the roads to yourself, but the reality is you must share them with vehicles, pedestrians and other cyclists.

Professional Prescription Cycling Glasses

If you are going to cycle safely, you will need your wits about you, but this is not enough. You will also need a pair of cycling glasses, especially if you cycle regularly. Not only will they protect your vision, our prescription cycling glasses look sharp so you can feel more confident and ‘flash’ as you cycle. They are really like a pair of very tight-fitting sunglasses. The flip up clip is very handy as, when you are cycling, taking your glasses on and off is, not only awkward, but dangerous. If you are seriously into cycling and you have the helmet, the shorts and, of course, the bike, these glasses will complete the gear you need to cycle safely. They are essential if you are going to look after yourself on the roads. As well as prescription lens, you get a choice of frame size. It’s important to get the right frame size as your cycling glasses must be very secure if they are to serve you well. Cycling at high speeds over uneven roads can be very bumpy and, therefore, a tight-fitting pair of cycling glasses is needed.